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You can have a search marketing strategy that lifts you above the competition, while it frees you from the details of creating and managing search marketing campaigns

Professional management of your online advertising campaigns can provide better results, and freedom from the worry of wasting precious marketing dollars or missing valuable leads.

Even the value proposition of the management service is freeing. Results show customers have often recouped the costs of search marketing management quickly. Over time campaigns have continued to perform more efficiently and deliver more than enough to cover the cost of our service, and that they still get better results.*

Better results

Today, people use search engines to look for all kinds of businesses. Search engine marketing puts businesses in front of prequalified customers who are ready to buy.

To reach these potential customers, some businesses have already run Google Adwords or Yahoo Sponsored Links ad campaigns themselves, or they have hired someone to do it. Others are considering search marketing for the first time. The question is how well could you be doing with Ability Multimedia?

Compare real results. and then talk to us about getting better results for your online marketing campaigns.

No worry

Like many things, managing a pay per click campaign looks easy until you try it.

Sometimes you do all the setup work. The campaign seems to be doing well. You turn your attention to the many other aspects of running your business.

When you check your campaigns again, you discover that the most important keywords have been shut down or tagged as poor. Your ads aren't being displayed to your target customers. At least three things cross your mind. How many sales did I miss? What do I have to do to fix the problem? How much of my time will it take?

Or you might discover that you are paying more for clicks than your competitors. By lowering their Cost Per Click (CPC) your competitors have created a competitive advantage. You wonder how they have acheived those results? How can you?

Professional Management means driving down the cost per click and driving up the quality score to get the most from your marketing dollars.

Proven Effective

Real case studies show that we've taken the worry out of campaign management and lowered the cost per click for real businesses.

Contact Ability Multimedia to talk about ways we can get you real results without the worry.

*Ability Multimedia search engine marketing campaigns are customized for the needs of individual customers. No two campaigns will achieve the same results. An Ability Multimedia search engine marketing consultant will advise you on the opportunities available for your business.

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Google Adwords

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