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Websites that Build Local Businesses

April 13th, 2008

Local service business Websites can increase margin when site visitors can easily achieve their goals. These Websites have good visual design and easy navigation. Written content addresses the interests of customers. The Website encourages customers to establish a relationship with the business. These websites are sticky. They keep visitors on the site.

An excellent example is the Columbia Drain Co. Website. What makes this Website so effective?

The home page of this site is a straightforward introduction to the business services offered. The organization and navigation are easy to understand and consistent throughout the Website. The menu bar along the top makes page navigation intuitive. Pages are organized into logical topics which are directly targeted to the interests of the customer.

Pertinent and useful content keeps visitors on the Website. In addition, by providing solid expert advice written in his own voice, the business owner has established his authority and credibility. The content goes a long way to establishing trust in the client and ultimately reduces the time and effort of selling the service.

The feedback form on this website provides the opportunity for customers to give specific feedback about services received. It provides valuable information for the business and gives a sense of two way communication that is expected by current Web users.

Not surprisingly this Website is very effective. It has returned on the investment many times over and has become a central part of the marketing strategy for the company. While the specifics of a business may vary, this website provides a solid model for creating a new website for a local business.

~Dianne Bengtson
Partner, Ability Multimedia


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